INOTLES Papers in European Studies

INOTLES Editorial Office launches the call for proposals for its series of Working Papers and Policy Papers in European Studies.

We invite both internal (INOTLES project) and external academic and policy contributions, based on the Papers guidelines specified bellow.

Guidelines for Working Papers in European Studies

  • 4-5000 words in length
  • A concise text on work in progress or a first draft of an academic contribution
  • Added value: an innovative element to academic insights and adhere to academic standards of method and source use
  • The style of the language should be clear and concise

Suggested topics:

  • Academic reflection on current trends in higher education
  • Academic reflection on challenges and added-value of European cooperation in higher education
  • Discussion of application of active learning pedagogy
  • Case studies of innovative teaching methods and tools
  • Other ideas? Please contact the editorial office.

Guidelines for Policy Papers in European Studies

  • 2-3000 words in length
  • A concise text on a current topic
  • The paper should have one main argument that is presented clearly with the necessary amount of background information, additional information and some ideas about consequences/future prospects/implications
  • The style of the language should be clear and closer to journalistic than academic. Even non-experts should be able to understand your text without much effort
  • Introduce the main argument in the beginning of the paper, as is sometimes practiced in academic writing. Avoid excessive use of jargon, and keep your sentences fairly short and structurally uncomplicated
  • Each policy paper must start with a summary written in the form of 4–6 bullet points, and must conclude with 4-5 recommendations. 

Suggested topics:

  • Broad reflection on current developments in Higher Education
  • The politics behind European cooperation in teaching and learning
  • Critical assessment of the impact of the EHEA on academia and students learning in Wider Europe
  • Other ideas? Please contact the Editorial Office.

Editorial Office

  • Dr. Heidi Maurer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University 
  • Dr. Aneta Spendzharova, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University
  • Dr. Natalia Timus, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, Maastricht University