Project Objectives

INOTLES project’s overall objectives are:
  1. To contribute to curricular reform and modernization of higher education in UA, MD and GE (PC) in accordance with Bologna principles
  2. To build capacity of PC higher education institutions to support national transition to open society and knowledge-based economy and to respond to modern labour market requirements
INOTLES specific objectives are:
  1. To promote the convergence of ES core courses between EU and UA, MD and GE
  2. To promote innovative learning and real-world skills in ES curricula across EU and PC universities
  3. To disseminate the benefits of innovative ES teaching to a broad base of local, national and international stakeholders by providing a model of ES curriculum reform
  4. To establish teachers' training in innovative ES teaching methods, in accordance with the ET 2020 objectives
  5. To increase competitiveness, employability and flexibility in accordance with job market requirements
  6. To develop inter-cultural skills and mutual understanding between EU and PC through inter-university cooperation